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Supreme Carpet Cleaners Follow us on Facebook. We'll cover all the problems your carpet has. We'll check for "unwanted" stains and tell you whether or not they can be removed and how. We'll calculate the wear age of your carpet and explain how long it will be before you may need to buy new carpet, then give you a prescription to make your carpet last as long as possible.

We'll determine if your carpet is in good health. Yes, your carpets health can affect you & your family's health. You track in all kinds of pollutants which get lodged in your carpet, such as car exhaust, cigarette smoke, dust, germs, pollens and much more. We use hot water extraction with the most advanced machine on the market today. It cleans way down to the base of the fibres, completely removing harmful dirt & bacteria.

It is very powerful and doesn't leave any residue, leaving you with a fresh clean healthy environment. Our 100% money back guarantee. Because we want you to have "peace of mind" when you use our services we offer our personal guarantee so you have absolutely no risk using our service.

Our names are Elaine and Martyn Perry. We would like to welcome you to our website, which we hope you find helpful & informative in your search for a company to clean your furnishings safely & professionally. We are a Husband & Wife team dedicatated to giving our clients the most professional & personal service possible. This is our own business, not

The ultimate in carpet cleaning! This package is designed to not only give you the cleanest, but healthiest carpets ever. It includes our 100% money back guarantee, not only on our cleaning, but also on our PROmite protector. We are the only company in our area that offers this fantastic no risk offer! First we vacuum with a high-filtration cleaning

We are so confident of our Supreme carpet cleaning that we will clean up to 100 sq ft absolutely FREE! Seriously, it's FREE, with no strings attached! If you're not absolutely delighted with your lovely clean carpet then we'll pack away our machine, bid you farewell (with a tear in our eyes) & leave you in peace. Supreme offers the complete carpet cleaning

Some people think cleaning Quality rugs will harm them, so they allow dirt and stains to obscure the otherwise vibrant and intricate patterns. Yet the number one enemy to a rug. is soil. Gritty dirt gets into the pile and as people walk on the rug, damage is being done. The gritty soil acts like sandpaper, grinding away at the fibres. Thoroughly cleaning

No matter what type of upholstery you choose for your home, it will eventually get dirty. Then the decision has to be made. Do we replace or shall we have it cleaned? If we have it cleaned, how good will it look? We are asked this question all the time. The answer? It will normally come up like new provided it is cleaned properly by a fully certified

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