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Clean Natural Use of eco-friendly cleaning products increases your well-being and better for the environment. We donate to plant 1 tree at TreeSisters, when you make a booking and for every 4th cleaning session completed. In total, we have planted 633 trees so far. Once arrive, they need to wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds in warm water. Additionally, they are required to wash their hands regularly during their time at the property.

At our cleaning company, all our Cleaner contractors have a minimum of 6 months experience working as a cleaner. Additionally, every one of our Cleaners has to go through identity, right-to-work and reference checks. Furthermore, all Cleaner contractors are covered by Employer and Public Liability Insurance underwritten by Hiscox Insurance Company Limited (with a 250 excess).

Clean Natural is an eco cleaning company. We advocate the use of natural cleaning products to better the environment. Additionally, using natural cleaning products are better for your and our Cleaners' health.

Use of our eco-friendly cleaning detergents for the first cleaning session (thereafter additional 2/hour if requested). We give a one-off donation to plant 1 tree at TreeSisters, when you book a regular cleaning. Clean Natural's one off cleaning services are recommended for all customers who want to use a cleaning company irregularly. Additionally,

Your payment consists of Agency and Cleaner fees. Agency fee is 3/hour for Weekly services. The payment will be taken directly from your stored card within 1-3 days after your cleaning services have been completed. Cleaner fee can be paid in cash to the Cleaner directly after completion, which is 10.5/hour. If you would like to pay the Cleaner's fee

For Clean Natural, the most important is to keep our customers and cleaners happy, while helping the environment by using eco-friendly cleaning products. No business can thrive without a happy customer. Only a happy customer will return and use our cleaning services regularly. Therefore, we put great emphasis on the quality of the cleaning to be excellent

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