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Ethos Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning We provide the service 'carpet cleaning London' and related services (rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning). We serve both commercial and domestic customers throughout London and the home counties. Our wall-to-wall 'carpet cleaning London' service is carried out using a powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine. This has many advantages over a standard hot water extraction system such as: superior results, quicker job completion, improved drying times, carrying away of waste water and extracted soil.

Our goal is to show you how to keep a safe and healthy indoor living environment for you and your family. We provide quality services that you can rely on as being 100% professional and dependable. Our company started as a basic carpet cleaning service for estate agents in London. We have evolved into the premier provider of restoration services for fine carpets, rugs and fabrics.

Our specialties include cleaning high quality wool carpets and washing fine silk rugs. We can also clean 'dry clean only' fine upholstery fabrics on site.

I set up Ethos Carpet Care in 2003 with my brother Nick after realising that there is a large shortage of ethical 'professional' carpet & upholstery cleaning companies in London. After carrying out some market research I came to the conclusion that most of the companies advertising in directories were unqualified, uninsured or just plain rude over the

You choose to have carpets in your home for a number of reasons: they're strong, long-lasting, add colour, eliminate impact noise and absorb sound, reduce heat-loss, are non-slip and feel soft and luxurious. What you may not realise is that as well as adding beauty to your home, carpeting helps to keep your family safe by acting as a filter for allergy

Each manufacturer recommends a specialised cleaning method which we will be confident in carrying out. Upholstery comes in various type of fabrics and it's important that we determine what type it is, so we can clean it properly. We will always give you advice based on the safest method of cleaning the fabric in the most thorough way. If this involves

The professional cleaning of rugs involves many steps that aren't included in wall-to-wall carpet cleaning. Our 'Professional rug cleaning London' service takes care of all your rug cleaning and repair needs. Our priority is always the safety and care of your rugs. We don't take risks with our clients' carpets. This is why we test and inspect every

We provide a totally comprehensive leather cleaning & conditioning service. Most leather suites will clean beautifully if done properly and professionally by a competent and experienced technician. When carrying out our service 'leather cleaning London', We use the finest techniques and our process is designed to clean & restore your leather to as close

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