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PVC & Patio Clean Through dedication and hard work, we have developed to become a well established, LOCAL reliable company, with an excellent reputation for providing a professional high quality cleaning service. Over the years, we've expanded our services to satisfy the demands of our customers. As well as Conservatory cleaners, we are now experts at Gutter cleaning in Preston, down to Patio and Driveway cleaning.

Finally, as we are an independent, local company and not part of a National Franchise, our prices are FREE of VAT! Born & bred in Preston, Darren began his cleaning business in 2006. Although a total career change from being a Mechanical Design Engineer, he still has the same attention to detail approach, when it comes to cleaning. Lee, from the Ashton area of Preston, joined the team at the beginning of 2017.

His background was in gardening / landscaping so he's not afraid to get his hands dirty in all weather conditions and he's another perfectionist! Although quite shy, grafter Lee will NEVER say no to a brew.and a peanut butter sandwich!

Do your Gutters, Fascias and Soffits ( ROOFLINE ) look more Green and Grimy than White and Shiny? Dormers provide valuable extra living space within the house but they also create a problem, when it comes to cleaning them! CAR-PORTS & SOLAR-PANELS also suffer from the elements & their appearance soon become tarnished by green algae & bird droppings

A CONSERVATORY is an expensive but excellent investment. However, if it's not cleaned and maintained properly, problems will soon arise, resulting in costly repairs. The weather and other pollutants, gradually discolour it's appearance, creating a faded 'off-white' colour. Green algae and mould then form, which can eat into the rubber seals and lift

This is due to blocked downspouts and un-emptied gutters overflowing, which can also lead to the ingress of damp! We recommend that house-owners should clean their gutters annually to prevent this damage being caused. To ensure ALL the moss, weeds and other unwanted debris found in your gutters is removed thoroughly, allowing the rainwater to flow away

They both provide valuable extra living space within the house but they also create a problem for the householder, when it comes to cleaning the outside of them! A wax-enriched formulated detergent is then used to clean the surface grime and algae off. Next our special creams and solvents are applied to the PVC guttering, cladding and window frames

Although PVC Window Frames and Doors are sold as 'Maintenance Free' they're far from that! Weather, road traffic pollution and even the window cleaner (by not wiping dirty water off the sills) soon turn your once pristine white frames to a grubby grey colour. Although we do clean and polish the glass, as part of the process, we don't offer a regular

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