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Regular cleaning regimes keep all areas of your property looking it's best all of the time and High Definition will make sure that it does. Either a residential, domestic or business property, let the experienced professionals High Definition take care of its cleaning regime. High Definition Window Cleaners provide professional exterior cleaning services to the domestic, residential, and commercial business sectors in Whitbourne and across a large part of Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Providing services for flats, houses, schools, colleges, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, residential, domestic, industrial and commercial buildings of almost any size High Definition offer a complete cleaning service including gutter clearing and cleaning, uPVC, soffit, fascia, cladding, window and conservatory cleaning. We usually clean safely from the ground up to a height of 45 feet and utilise the most modern and safe high reach pure water window cleaning systems.

We always offer the safest, most convenient and totally cost effective cleaning.

High Definition Window Cleaning are a professional company serving both domestic / residential and Industrial / commercial clients. We understand the need for thorough, trustworthy professional and cost effective services across Herefordshire and Worcestershire whether our clients are in the private or business sectors. Using the latest and now industry

Is your conservatory covered in moss, algae, dirt and bird droppings? Don't worry if it is things aren't quite as bad as they probably look. We're certain that there was once a time that you were very proud of your lean to, orangery or conservatory and enjoyed many hours spent in your garden room relaxing and watching the world and its wildlife outside

Soffits, Fascias, guttering and upvc cladding when ignored can look dull, grey, tired and let down the overall look of a property and make it look very poorly maintained even if the rest of the property like window frames are clean and well looked after. Algae and moss can flourish as well which can cause severe staining if left for too long. All of

The gutters and downpipes around your property tend to be ignored a little, you don't normally see inside them and they usually look ok from the ground, but are they? Gutters are very important in the maintenance of your property, they divert rainwater away from the building into the drainage system so that it doesn't seep into your buildings foundations

Solar panels because of local schemes and incentives are a hugely common site on domestic housing these days and new builds are even having them fitted as standard. There are two main reasons that you may wish to have solar panels installed on your roof firstly there are ecological reasons because obviously they harness the power of the sun and have

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