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Specifically developed and tested in house against the most demanding cleaning applications. To get started on the right foot make sure to check out our documentation - from tutorials to API reference. For the toughest stains use a pre-spray prior to your normal cleaning routine for added stain removal. Whether you are already familiar with the many benefits of dry carpet cleaning or not I hope that you find our website interesting and informative.

CarpetGard systems and products have been very carefully developed for easy, fast and effective carpet cleaning. We sell a number of specialist carpet cleaning products, check out our dry carpet cleaning powder. If your need further information or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Founded in 1992 and soon established as the leading UK manufacturer of dry carpet cleaning compounds (sponges) our research and development has worked very closely with leading professional carpet cleaners to produce a range of very high performance carpet care products and continues to do so to develop new and innovative products. Although our remit

There are very few instances where dry carpet cleaning is not safer, more effective or economical than wet extraction, in our extensive experience only extremely greasy carpets may prove difficult as grease is not easily absorbed by organic particles. These are some of the many benefits in using a CarpetGard dry or low moisture system to clean carpets

Drygard is our very own dry carpet cleaning powder specifically developed and tested in house against the most demanding cleaning applications. The unique micro-sponges within the powder penetrate deep into the pile of the carpet for a deeper more efficient clean. Throughout our development of the product we recognised that not only did our dry cleaning

Spray & Clean has been developed in house alongside our Drygard powder as a fast drying absorbing liquid, and can be used on its own as a dirt absorber or with our Drygard powder. Spray & Clean is a biodegradable, low moisture carpet cleaning chemical, safe to use on all types of carpet and fabric including wool. It contains an integral biocide to control

Our most powerful cleaning agent, extremely tough on stains and hard to clean fabrics. Have a problem area or stain that just wont budge try our Strike Force stain spotter and you wont be disappointed. The aggressive cleaning power of Strike stain remover makes this the ultimate cleaning solution for all stains, it's unique formula is particularly good

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