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With our dry cleaning service, we offer you professionalism and impeccable care for all your clothes, providing fantastic results and ensuring your complete customer satisfaction. We hold access to the full range of clothing care solvents as well as wet cleaning facilities and we always select the most appropriate cleaning methods for your garments.

Putting them through our carefully determined pre-treatment processes, we check for spots, stains, wears and tears, buttons and loose threads before the garments are thoroughly cleaned. Individually pre-spotting for stains by hand our extensive fabric care knowledge enables us to protect your clothing investment. Our stain removal technicians understand that the clothing care solvent products they choose are critical, each dependant upon the many different fabric types.

They've been fully trained to administer the removal of stains relevant to each garment type and use all the available tools at their disposal, right down to the degree of steam required before each dry cleaning.

Sunshine Dry Cleaners and Laundry Service began in 2004 with our shop on the Kedleston road, Derby. Over time we expanded and opened another shop in the popular residential location of Littleover, at the meeting point of Blagreaves lane and Stenson Road. At the heart of our business are our people. We are highly trained in many specific areas of expertise

We offer a choice of flexible agreements to suit your needs and our pricing to you is individual and competitive. A complete range of services available for the Business Customer. We offer laundry services for both rented and non-rented items and a delivery service tailored to your specific requirements.

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