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Mammoth Cleaning Supplies Supplying UK businesses for over a decade, we specialise in offering a range of cleaning and janitorial products for both commercial and domestic use. We have an extensive selection of over 600 products available, from reputable industry leaders such as Proctor & Gamble, Evans Vanodine, and Staples Disposables.

Our cleaning and janitorial solutions can benefit a number of different industries - whether its healthcare, hospitality, or catering; we ensure that we've always got the right products tailored to your needs as an individual or business.We commit fully to ensuring a simple and intuitive browsing experience, with an easy, and user friendly category system to help you browse the site and find exactly what you need in the least time possible.

If you can't find what you're looking for here, don't hesitate to contact us, and let our experienced and knowledgeable team members advise you on the right choice.

Our versatile array of brushware is for use in a number of industries and applications, including colour coded hygiene brushes for catering and hygiene sensitive environments. We stock a number of sweeping and yard brushes which make easy work of janitorial duties both indoors and out. For more intricate jobs we also stock products such as long handled

We have a selection of professional cleaning chemicals available to suit a wide variety of needs, with solutions for the home and office, washrooms, kitchens and many more. Whether you need a heavy duty traffic film remover for cleaning a fleet of vehicles, or something to keep food preparation and worktops clean and hygienic - we can help. Stocking

Our range of all purpose cleaning cloths, stockinette rolls and cleaning rags are suitable for wiping down work surfaces, drying cutlery, glassware and tableware. Products such as stockinette rolls are ideal for mechanics garages and similar environments, offering a length of material which can be cut to size to match the size of the job at hand. For

In a world where prices are constantly on the up, it's always important that consumables and paper disposables are used in an economical manner, whether it's C-fold towels, mini jumbo rolls, paper towels or toilet rolls, a dispenser is always a good idea to implement in washrooms and health care facilities. Coming in a variety of styles and sizes, with

The hands are one of the main platforms for the spread of harmful bacteria, so it is important that in workplaces, especially ones which require stringent hygiene conditions such as food preparation areas, and in healthcare scenarios, that staff and customers have access to excellent hand cleaning facilities. For where paper towels are just not enough

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