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TINCTURE London As a mother of four children I searched everywhere for high performance, not toxic cleaning products that were totally safe to use around the entire family including our pets and that did not exacerbate my children's conditions such as asthma and eczema. I was after products that were safe, effective and yet I did not want the entire house to smell of vinegar!

Before I set out developing TINCTURE I tested every product on the market. I checked their performance levels and their ingredients lists and what I found was shocking. The majority of cleaning products contain ingredients not only harmful to the environment but also to our health and wellbeing. We cherish our traditions and heritage. All our blends have been inspired by ancient monastic wisdom of active botanicals and their properties.

We use the power of nature to clean, protect, restore and uplift your home without the use of artificial or synthetic ingredients. Essential oils are included to enhance not only the product performance, but also our wellbeing.

Inspired by ancient monastic wisdom, our formulations are 100% natural, made with plant-based actives, pure essential oils, and botanical extracts. This creates a powerful cleaning formula that leaves stone, wood, metal, glass, silver, laminate and all other surfaces in your home beautifully clean. All ingredients are vegan & cruelty-free and as pet

For all the multitaskers, staycationers, vacationers and those who simply like to try before they buy, our TINCTURE minis range has got you covered. Our TINCTURE minis have the same amount of non-toxic, natural and chemical-free goodness in a portable version. Each mini bottle contains 50ml of product and is made from 100% recycled plastic. Whether

Indoor air pollution is the cocktail of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These VOCs are released through a number of processes including cooking at high temperatures, the use of chemical household cleaning products, candles, air freshness, diffusers and plugins. Complex mixtures of VOCs in indoor air have the potential to invoke subtle effects on

We are delighted to be able to share some terrific news from the TINCTURE Kitchen! Thanks to the incredible response to the TINCTURE range from our supporters and customers, growing sales have allowed us to upscale production considerably. In addition we have made selective component cost saving changes in order to make a more significant difference

Facing extreme conditions both outside and inside: A crew of 22 live on a 70ft yacht in cramped, enclosed environments where temperatures in the cabins can rise to 40 degrees completely sealed from the outside elements. Anything sprayed in the cabin will stay there. Their mission? To undertake one of the world's greatest tests of endurance - The Clipper

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