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Mo-clean We use special paddock stands and lift systems which allows us to clean every part of your bike including those difficult to reach areas. We currently cover all areas within a 75 mile radius from our base in south mimms Hertfordshire. Leaving your bike covered in road salt and grime will eventually cause corrosion and cost you hundreds of pounds. With our expert cleaning system, Mo-Clean can guarantee to transform your filthy bike to showroom condition in less than one hour.

We use a soft brush and bio-degradable colloids to help release the grease and grime harmlessly from your bike without leaving any scratches. After this process we use a low pressure hot water jet wash system to gently rinse, whilst taking extra care and attention to avoid all electrics and wheel bearings etc. Our van is fully equipped with our own pure water and electric and uses LOW pressure HOT water to clean the bike.

We have in-depth knowledge of motorbikes and their components and in our 20 years have cleaned over 20,000 motorbikes without a single complaint.

North London's home to store your bike in our dedicated facility high security gated site manned 24 hours a day seven days a week. The whole site is under CCTV supervision and the building is alarmed. Your bike will be stored in a dry safe environment bike stands supplied and battery optimisers. We will run the bike once a month to make sure everything

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