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Zippy Carpet Cleaning We use a range of industry approved methods, chemistry and equipment to provide the best cleaning results possible for carpets, rugs and upholstery. Whether it be for keeping your new carpet and furniture looking great forever with maintenance cleaning or to save you from a possible replacement with deep down rescue cleaning, we have the solution.

Zippy Cleaning are proud to strictly adhere to ethical business practises, which means that we don't use hard sales tactics or advertise misleading prices. We can visit your home to assess your cleaning needs and to give you an exact cost with no hidden extra charges. You can either book a date for cleaning after the quote or feel free to have a think about it and call to book later - no pressure.

With either hot water extraction, dry powder and low moisture encapsulation, or commercial rotary bonnet cleaning, we have the equipment, products and expertise to clean a variety of different carpets and to keep them in the best possible condition.

A pre-vacuum stage to remove any dry particles, this means that the wet stage of the clean is more effective. A pre-spray containing one of our many magical formulas, selected by an expert cleaning technician specifically for the type of carpet and soiling present. Agitation of the pre-spray into the carpet fibres, which helps the solution loosen and

We can clean most types of rugs in the same way in which we clean carpets, however certain fine fabrics such as silk are not suitable for wet cleaning. Many rugs come with a care label on the underside which will note any cleaning preferences from the manufacturer, if no care label is present or you are unsure, then we can take a look for you and advise

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