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Miles G.J. Miles Support Group have a reputation for reliability, honesty, professionalism and above all we provide our clients with the highest possible service. Our main objectives are to make any working environment cleaner and easier to maintain by replacing everyday cleaning problems with Professional Industrial Cleaning Solutions, leaving you to do what to do what you do best.

G.J. Miles Cleaning Services were established in 1976 and have a reputation for reliability, honesty and professionalism. As well as our office and industrial cleaning division we also specialise in the cleaning of washrooms, kitchens, factories, showrooms and workshops and also perform overhead and duct cleaning. We have built up a very professional and successful business over the last 25 years and pride ourselves in the fact that our clients and their needs always come first.

Our comprehensive range of hygiene services place emphasis on service and commitment, we offer competitive pricing and a first class service.

The Easy Way to Minimise Excessive Wear & Malfunctions. With competition amongst car wash businesses remaining keen it pays operators to ensure that their business premises look at their best, as well as providing a first class service. A regular cleaning programme ensures that the machinery is working at the optimum level. A car wash, like. Bring Back

Block Pavia always looks fantastic on driveways and patios when it is newly laid, but unfortunately, as time passes it loses its attractiveness and becomes unsightly due to a build up of dirt and deposits, tyre tread marks, oil and cement stains, moss, algae, weeds, liverworts and lichens. The reason for this is because when it was laid it was not sealed

If you're the owner or manager of commercial premises then you'll know how important a clean working environment can be. Whether your production process demands immaculate conditions due to health & safety considerations or you simply need a hygienic working environment for your staff, factory cleaning is a vital task which requires specialist expertise

Latest Doff Type Systems for The Removal of Paint, Moss, Algae, Biological Build Ups & More. Cleaning any property can be a daunting task. Not only must the size of the location be taken into account, but the discrete needs of the client need to be addressed at all times. However, it is also necessary to employ only the latest and most thorough techniques

Nothing will deter potential clients to your business more than a covering of graffiti over the doors and walls of your business. Whilst the perpetrators see a work of colourful art or the space to claim your business as their own, it gives the impression of a run down area and poor security, neither of which reflects well on your business. The spray

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