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Enviroclean Are you looking for an eco-friendly Cambridge-based Cleaning Company who can do the job properly a professional, reliable company you can trust? A company who will go the extra mile, who won't get complacent and who take pride in their work whilst respecting your work? A company with over 20 years experience in this industry, cleaning offices, schools, student accommodation and commercial premises.

We can't save the planet on our own but if we all do a little, the little will make a lot. That's why we choose to use envirological chemicals that don't choke our rivers and paper products from sustainable sources that don't cost our forests. As we all know, driving is a major source of carbon emissions. Switching to a green commute, like cycling, decreases your carbon footprint and keeps the environment cleaner for everyone.

Biking to work does not require fossil fuels and can help to reduce your personal contribution to climate change. Additionally, it reduces noise pollution, making the environment more pleasant.

Enviroclean are pleased to announce a new specialist service for the Cambridge area, an Ecogum chewing gum removal machine. Litter is bad enough, but a single piece of chewing gum can spoil the effect of business premises or a public setting. Once it's been trodden on a few times, it quickly becomes an ugly and unwelcome part of its surroundings and

As a Cambridge based Cleaning Company working with local companies, we are reliant on our reputation as most of our work comes from recommendation. Enviroclean are a fabulous company to work with. They are friendly but professional, accommodating, efficient and their staff are all thoroughly trained and hard working. They are quick to adapt to changing

You know the difference a clean carpet can make to the overall appearance of a room - and how a stained carpet can give the impression of general uncleanliness and untidiness - well you don't have to put up with it anymore. With a range of professional machines our specialist team of Carpet Cleaners are able to clean and freshen up the carpets and upholstery

Being based in Cambridge, Enviroclean are ideally located to help with your local Emergency Cleaning. Fast response, professional staff and all the latest products mean that whatever the Emergency we can help. Do you have a cleaning requirement that is out of the ordinary - not sure who can tackle a job like yours? Give us a call - we'll be able to

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