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Bd Clean Welcome to BD Clean, Innovative car maintenance company specialising in providing everything the avid car owner needs to properly clean and maintain their vehicle. As experts in this area with years of collective experience, we have designed and tested our very own range of high quality, effective and safe to use detailing products.

Whether you are looking for a deep clean followed by a high gloss finish, or a strong pre-wash solution and high quality protector that is tough but kind to vinyl wrapped and matt cars, we can help.At BD Clean we have a range of products specially designed for whatever kind of car you own and we won't just stop at cleaning the exterior of your car, we have matt black treatments for your tyres and formulated treatments available for the interior of your car too, giving your vehicle that 'almost as good as new' look.

With distributors all over Europe the Bd Brand is expanding and we are always looking for new distributors and resellers to join the Bd Family.

BD Clean is an expert team of car maintenance professionals with years of experience in the industry and a reputation that proceeds itself. Based in the heart of Birmingham our company is dedicated to providing all of the detailing products that are required by car enthusiasts who are eager to keep their vehicle clean and dedicated to making it look

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