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We are specialists of indoor air quality maintenance and our company specialises in the cleaning and servicing of all extractor fans, air ducts, vents and grills. We carry out the removal and cleaning of contaminated ducting in Scotland and the UK. As well as air duct cleaning, we maintain ventilation systems for industrial premises, catering establishments, medical institutions and local authority premises.

Our company specialises in water treatment systems and the cleaning and chlorination of commercial water tanks for the prevention of Legionnaire's Disease; both onshore and offshore. Our client base is again wide and varied and we have 10 years experience in looking after the treatment of their water systems. Water samples are taken and tested by UKAS Approved Laboratory to establish that the system is producing clean, healthy water for our clients and their staff.

For many years there has been concern over increasing levels of pollution in the external environment. More recently, however, it has been shown that in some instances there is greater risk of contamination from polluted internal environment.

Flow-Clean specialises in industrial and commercial water treatment systems in Scotland and the UK, both onshore and offshore. With 10 years of experience in looking after water treatment systems for a wide client base, we carryout routine inspection and maintenance work to ensure that your facilities are in accord with current health and safety legislation

Our water services throughout Scotland will be routinely checked and inspected, and should be well maintained. The frequency of inspection and maintenance will depend on the system and the risk it presents. The system will require more frequent inspection and checking if it is not in stable operation, eg., because of poor supply water quality, inadequate

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