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At Conservatory Valet UK Limited, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean conservatory. Everyday damage and discolouration is caused to conservatories by air pollution falling moss/tile debris and acid rain. This can damage polycarbonate and glass roof sheets as well as roof seals/roof hatches.

A regular clean by one of our conservatory cleaners in Kent professionals can help to reduce build up of algae/moss to gutters and roofs, removing those unsightly green stains, optimising light and making your conservatory more enjoyable to use all year round and looking great when entertaining in the garden!

Many conservatory leaks are caused by blockages to boxed or valley gutters, so regular cleaning and inspection is important for a healthy conservatory which can save you money in the future from costly repairs and redecoration internally.Your roof may have been constructed with self cleaning glass, however this still requires a regular clean. Self cleaning is a product that helps you to clean the roof and not a system that actually self cleans as the sales man probably told you when purchasing the conservatory.

While we can offer a basic pure water clean for your windows and doors if you do not have a regular window cleaner in Kent, we would suggest a full three stage valet. Conservatory Valet UK start with the basic pure water rinse to remove the initial day to day debris and dirt. Then, we apply our bespoke UPVC or Aluminium and glass combination detergent

We can offer a full tiled property roof cleaning in Kent, which is a good idea if you have a moss issue on the tiled area above your conservatory. Our property roof valeting and moss removal in Kent solutions have been designed to be professional, effective and reliable. At Conservatory Valet UK, our roof cleaner in Kent experts will start the roof

We provide gutter cleaning in Kent with the latest technology and up to date equipment (Gutter Vacuum). Equipped with specialist tools and equipment, we can provide effective and efficient gutter and soffit cleaning in Kent. Cleaning a gutter where hard to reach for example too high or above a conservatory requires specialist equipment. So many problems

Conservatory Valeting UK have great knowledge of conservatories and water management that has been shared with all of our valeters. We can offer domestic and commercial customers a wide range of property maintenance in Kent based solutions. All maintenance will be at an additional charge in which some can be carried out on the day of the valet and some

Guaranteed that our head office will send you 60k worth of customer enquiries which is almost X5 your franchise fee within the first year. This is a franchise that anyone can do at different levels. It's a great outdoor life service that has been operational for 15yrs in Kent England and is now offering this great opportunity to you to become a franchise

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