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Cleaning carpets, upholstery, leather and other furnishings - this is our business at Kleen & Fresh. If you need your carpets, furniture, upholstery, leather or hardwood flooring professionally cleaned, then we can help. Based in Milton Keynes, Kleen and Fresh is a family business run by Phil and Louise Reeves which specialises in restoring dirty, tired and faded interiors back to their former glory.

With top of the range equipment, over a decade of experience and substantial levels of skill, this husband and wife team are more than capable of making any room in your house sparkle and shine with freshness! Do you have rooms you don't like people to see? Or dirty furnishings which you hide or cover up? Kleen and Fresh can turn them into things you just LOVE to show off to people.

One of the things we love most is helping our clients to transform their living spaces from being drab, grey and dingy to looking spick and span, and a pleasure to be in. Truly, it can be amazing how much better it feels to live in a place which you love the look and feel of.

Kleen & Fresh is a family run business, established in 2008 by Phil and Louise Reeves. It is a small and carefully built business which started when a member of their family was ill - they wanted to build something that would help others maintain their dignity. From here it ballooned into a popular choice for those daunted by the domestic issues they

If you have or look after a hard floor and don't know if it can be safely cleaned or not, please call or email us. It is also worth speaking to us if you think it is beyond help and needs replacing because we might be able to restore it at a fraction of the price. We will clean it, or if necessary strip your floor and repolish it, restoring it to its

Cleaning leather and fabric upholstery extends the life expectancy of hardworking furniture. Although most householders regularly have their carpets and upholstery cleaned simultaneously, in commercial and community buildings, common rooms are often in desperate need. Nothing is beyond help: for example, we have been known to completely remove graffiti

When you come to the end of your tenancy agreement you need to clean your home to the same stranded as when you moved in so that you can get your money back. You can clean it yourself with a lot of hard work and time or you can let Kleen and Fresh do the hard work for you! When coming to the end of your tenancy agreement your carpets need to be sparkling

Leather furniture is built to last, starting off with a firm and consistent looking surface appearance, but due to its natural character it will display signs of wear and trap strong odours such as from pets or cigarette smoke over time. Maintained properly, leather can outlive fabric furniture, and is less prone to accumulating dust and allergens.

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