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Innovate Carpet Cleaning Innovate provides professional services in London. We utilise the latest technology and every London carpet cleaner who works under our banner will tell you there is no other company which is more deep, thorough or friendly with your carpets. If you're in an office, club, pub, restaurant or any other commercial property, our commercial carpet cleaners are your solution to deeply engrained dirt and stains.

Innovate has the perfect franchising solutions for those looking at starting a new business and working with us. Take a look at the opportunities available. An Innovate carpet cleaner in London will visit your property and determine which one of our dozen procedures we should use. We have perfected and imperfect service by researching the best techniques used in the UK, America and Australia.

After engaging in hundreds of tests, we have a established a system which has been praised as "the most effective and deep carpet clean available".

Innovate Carpet Cleaning was establish almost 6 years ago with a small cleaning team. Over time, our customers were calling us back to get their carpets cleaned and they told their friends or neighbours about our service! From this Innovate Carpet Cleaning was born. And in what feels like 6 very short years, service demand brought us to the stage of

We are a one-stop-shop for carpet cleaning in London. In addition to using safe products in homes across the city, we also provide commercial carpet cleaning in London for offices, clubs, restaurants, pubs, shops, clinics and embassies. Working with carpets of every variable of pile height (from 7.5m standard carpets, to 25mm rugs) we have perfected

When it comes to carpets, stains are one of those things that just happen. Be it juice, ink or animal excrements, carpets' downside is that they need professional cleaners to take care of them once in a while. Innovate specialises in effective carpet stain removal in London. The answer to this question totally depends on the material. A juice stain

The wear and tear of commercial carpets far exceeds any home usage or damage. Commercial carpet cleaning requires a deeper clean and depending on the usage of the carpet (heavy foot traffic areas in offices or food spillage in restaurants) the products we use will vary. Commercial carpets may be more heavily damaged so the carpet clean must not strip

The carpet above costs over 3,000. The carpet had silk threads and the colour appeared to be faded. However, this was simply the silk reaction to engrained dust and foot traffic, which was easily cleaned. There are certain accessories in your home that deserve and need special care: the quality of their materials, their cost and probably your affection

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