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Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Big thank you to Deluxe for cleaning my dining room carpet and hallway, they looked terrible. All the stains are gone and the hall looks a hundred times better. I will never leave it so long again but I didn't know about dry carpet cleaning - Now I do! Wasn't sure whether the carpet would ever recover from the stains our dog made when she was a puppy, they all came out as well as some old paint stains.

I'm very surprised and pleased thank you. We would like to say thank you for the trouble you took over our lounge carpet last Thursday, it looks almost as good as when it was new and that was nearly eight years ago. We are looking forward to having our sofa done next month. You can walk on the carpet while we are cleaning it. The dry cleaning system is perfect for offices or residences, homes with busy families where it is not convenient for everyone to leave.

If you are moving house we can clean your carpets the day before the movers arrive. Deluxe Dry Carpet care about your carpet and your home.

Deluxe carpet cleaning Manchester improves the appearance of your carpet and prolongs its life. We are located in Sale in South Manchester and service the local areas of Manchester Stockport Trafford and North Cheshire. All of our work is guaranteed, if for any reason you are not happy with any aspect of our work we will make every effort to put things

Deluxe DRY Carpet Cleaning service provides low moisture carpet cleaning. A carpet cleaning technique formulated in the US and carefully designed to clean carpets without the wet mess that comes with traditional "steaming " or "shampooing" It is convenient and affordable, safe and allergy friendly. Conserves water resources and protects the groundwater

Stains are carefully removed We are a local carpet and rug cleaning service with a passion for perfection, our cleaning system can remove years of soil & dirt on your rug. Rug cleaning will extend the life of your rug, we often clean rugs that owners are thinking of throwing away, after cleaning a rug often looks like new. We use the latest rug cleaning

Modern sofas and chairs are often upholstered in fabric. They will eventually become dirty because they are used daily. It is important to have your upholstery cleaned regularly by Deluxe Dry Upholstery Cleaning. Furniture cleaning can extend the life expectancy of your furniture. It will remove stains and ugly spots, and prolong the furniture's lifespan

First impressions do count. When they arrive at your reception area, the first thing a visitor to your premises sees is the furniture. If your reception area furniture is not well cared for your clients may feel uncomfortable and it may give the wrong impression about the general well-being of your business. Your customers will feel welcome if your

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