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Jet Clean Driveways Our team of hard working technicians use one of the best methods to clean driveways including concrete, tarmac, block paving and patios. We have some of the best equipment that uses high pressure washer that removes ground on dirt. Grime, moss, weeds and even oil, diesel or petrol stains can be removed using our technique. Our effective services including cleaning driveways, patios and hard standing areas really does a deep clean which in turn restores a wide variety of driveway surfaces.

We make use of a top of the range industrial pressure washer rotary water machine system, which is extremely effective - in fact, so good at its job it's enough to remove unsightly tyre marks, most oil stains, weeds, moss and slippery algae. We realise that over time driveways can collect moss, weeds and algae making the surface slippery and the driveway or patio appearance unsightly.

As far as kerb appeal goes, the driveway says lots about your home and it is the first thing people will notice as they drive or walk across the area.

We are specialists in professional high pressure jet cleaning and cover most of the Essex and London regions. We are also available to seal the area once it has been cleaned in order to place preventative measures that delay further onset of grime, moss and dirt. Here at Jet Clean Driveways we believe that we are the most competitively priced driveway

Even pressure washers that you can buy yourself are not as powerful as our industrial equipment. Our tools make light work of driveway and patio cleaning unlike the shop-bought domestic washers that can ultimately make a mess of the area as they only cover a small section at a time. We find that our clients become bored with the time consuming task

A so- called low maintenance driveway option, block paving still needs to be cared for on a regular basis. It attracts weeds and moss in damp areas or during winter, no matter how well it has been fitted and how high quality blocks that have been used are. Elbow grease, domestic products that don't really do a great job, and plenty of time and you can

Some people are put off before they even step onto a patio whether that's a patio in your back garden or one in front of a retail or food outlet. First impression is essential in attracting people to your premises and even new patios can deteriorate over a few months with wear, leaf fall, grime and moss. We'll attend to your property ensuring it is

Pathways are a vital part of your property - offering a way for your welcome guests and visitors to enter and appreciate that the path is safe and free from dangerous moss. Cleaning your path also gives you a chance to improve the look of your entrance or exit where visiting you at your front door or exploring the garden area is concerned. We will convert

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