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Cleaning Floor Hard floors are always elegant and stylish. That is why they are widespread in private homes and in office buildings. Whether wood or natural stone floors (marble, granite, limestone)., They all need the proper maintenance in order to keep their impeccable appearance as long as possible. If you rely on our experienced company for the different restoration procedures, you'll be guaranteed to have perfectly looking hard floors.

Our services are the right choice for all your floor cleaning, polishing and restoration needs. We are available for residential and commercial properties in London, Guildford and Portsmouth. We understand that your hard floor is definitely an expensive investment. However after years of use, it has lost its flawless appearance and it became scratched and worn.

Trust us and our experts will transform it into the luxurious asset, you've always enjoyed! Our trained cleaning floor technicians are equipped with state of the art equipment. We use only professional detergents, which are completely safe for you, your family and your pets.

As a conscious owner of a lovely home, you take a regular care of your hard floors by mopping them, but do you need floor sanding? Simple moping of the floors keeps them clean and shiny, but it's not enough. Stylish and fancy, the wooden floor contributes for the warm and cossy domestic atmosphere. In order to keep its flawless appearance for a long

The variations of tile floorings are countless. Tiles are a preferred option for patio and outdoor spaces, damp rooms and high-traffic areas, because of their durability and easy maintenance. Tile floors and walls can renew any outdated space to an attractive relish, where you will just love to spend your time. Tile floors are available in wide variety

The concrete polishing was not well know in the past, as the concrete flooring used to be mostly a sub-floor. It was covered with carpets, tiles, mosaic and different stone made materials. Nowadays we come to reveal the beauty of the polished concrete flooring. Which could replicate the look and quality of a natural stone. Therefore we can easily apply

Natural stone is widely valued as a material for floors, worktops, interior walls and facade coating for its outstanding durability and impressive look. However daily exposition to environmental influences such as light, water, footsteps, extremely low or high temperatures, causes stone to lose its original colour and shine. And in addition induces

The hardwood floors are amazing when they are brand new and when they are maintained in flawless condition. There is no other material quite like the wood. It gives incomparable coziness and comfort to your premises. However as the time goes by and with the long usage of the flooring. It's normal for scratches, stains and discoloration to appear. For

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